BIKA is committed to providing happy snacks for every special moment in life.The history of BIKA began in 1979 when we manufactured, for the first time, compressed tapioca chips in our small factory. In 1995, BIKA becomes one of the favorite snacks food producers in Malaysia. For over 30 years, we delivers the world its dearly loved snacks, including Tapioca Chips, Seafood Crackers, Prawn Crackers, Chocolate-cream- filled Wafer, Non-GMO Cheese Corn Sticks, Candies and many more!

We have strong commitment to nutrition, quality and food safety. We are passionate about ethically sourcing the finest materials and producing them with great care. We ensure that our products are free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. All of our products are certified HALAL and are safe to be consumed by Muslim.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is the driving force of our delicious products varieties and inspiration behind our environmentally-friendly process.As a food company, we at BIKA know that ensuring a sufficient supply of food for the world’s growing population needs the well-organized use of natural resources. In fact, our business depends on sustainable supplies of water, energy and agricultural crops. We are dedicated to reducing our company’s impact on the environment and working with others to find solutions to global food challenges.

We excel for improvement in our products and processes with the goal of providing great-tasting, nutritious products that bring joy and happiness. We believe together, we can create value and make a difference.

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